ACCIONA is one of Spain’s main business corporations, a leader in promoting and managing renewable energies and infrastructure. With a presence on every continent, the company has spent decades demonstrating that another way of doing things does exist.

A testament to this is its unwavering commitment to renewable energies in the most demanding contexts. Despite not being an automotive company, ACCIONA has made history in the World Rally Championship with the ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered, the first and only zero-emissions and 100% electric vehicle to compete in the Dakar.

This project supports ACCIONA’s role as ambassador in the fight against climate change, seeking to increase awareness about the large-scale problem of CO2 emissions, and reaffirming its support for demonstrating the potential of renewable, non-polluting energy vis-a-vis fossil fuels. Business Units


ACCIONA Energy is a unique operator in the renewable energy sector, with a notable presence on every continent. It works exclusively with renewable technologies, with activities relating to five of them: wind energy, solar energy, solar thermal energy, hydraulic energy, and biomass energy.


ACCIONA Infrastructure is on the cutting edge of R&D+i, and is ranked among the world’s leading construction companies, using the most advanced technology in the execution of its projects.

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